Monday, January 26, 2009

Hung Up

I just can't get over the insanity coming out of Andrew Breitbart’s Haunted Clown Toilet of Angry Sad, like this rundown from Andrew Klavan:
Benjamin Button??? You gotta be kidding me. I spent three days watching Benjamin Button one evening and if that’s not the emptiest, most meaningless piece of high gloss semi-entertainment produced last year than I don’t know my American Idol. I mean, Brad Pitt’s a great actor who’s had sex with Angelina Jolie, I concede that. But what was the movie about? People don’t actually get younger, right? So it had to be a metaphor for something. But what? As near as I can make out, it was Hollywood’s take on what marriage is like: You hook up when you’re both hot then she loses her looks and he starts acting like a child.

Slumdog Millionaire? Yeah, I enjoyed it—then promptly forgot it: it’s a little, you know, light. And though I sympathize with Muslims getting persecuted in the world’s largest democracy, I can’t help noticing that Hollywood almost completely ignores all the Christians getting persecuted by genuine tyrants like the Myanmar junta and the ACLU.

Milk was also good, an entertaining little hagiography which proved once and for all that Sean Penn has made a deal with Satan:

You can be the greatest actor of your generation, Sean, if you will but embrace my servants Hugo and Fidel.

Yes, my master Satan, so let it be sealed in my blood.

That's what I hear everywhere - that Slumdog's great but it's a pity it doesn't attack the ACLU more.

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