Thursday, April 02, 2009

Libertarian Republican : Mockery :: Mosquito Bite : Scratching

I just can't leave Dondero be ...
During the '08 election, and in its immediate aftermath, we stuck our necks out on the right - being the first to declare of a complete Authoritarian takeover of America on election night. We were promptly criticized as "hyperbolic."
I guess, dude. But the first word that comes to mind is more like "stupidtastic"! Oh, it's not really a word? Neologisms don't count? Not even some combination of "grammarian" and "The Boss of Me"?? How would you like that?!
Lately though, even formerly cynical libertarians are starting to agree. Just last week, in an editorial liberal-libertarian Tom Palmer of Cato compared Obama's firing of GM honcho Rick Wagoner to a Musollini style gun-to-the-head execution. Now today, "Tory libertarian" writer and LR blog friend Quin Hillyer, says the same.
Just the other day I was all, "Among other things, 'fascism' by definition involves a heavy emphasis on militarism, conquest and nationalism." Then Wikipedia was all,
Fascist movements promote violence between nations, political factions, and races as part of a social Darwinist and militarist stance that views violence between these groups as a natural and positive part of evolution. In the view of these groups being in perpetual conflict, fascists believe only the strong can survive by being healthy, vital, and have an aggressive warrior mentality by conquering, dominating, and eventually eliminating people deemed weak and degenerate.
So LR, are we at loggerheads, as it were? That means we have a draw, does it not?

Then Dondero's freaking front page was always, every single goddamn day all,
Real libertarians believe in protecting the homeland first and foremost
[by painting their horses?? See the pic--ed.]
Don't be a Losertarian!
Let's win this War on Islamo-Fascism.
Real men fight for the Homeland.
Girlie men just sit by and bitch.
Libertarians Against Islamo-Fascism
You're with us, or against us
Guys who serve get the Hottest Chics!
Geeks who loathe the Military, just get ugly Democrat women
Perhaps Libertarian Republican is getting the militarism and conquest stuff outsourced to them from the Obamafascist Administration? Those government suckers didn't even realize they were subcontracting out the sweetest bits!

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