Thursday, April 02, 2009

Obama Lies in Code!

I am simply not savvy enough to be a voter! For example, when a politician promises something I like, then fails to do it in office, I get all pissed off.

But last week I'm listening to my local NPR affiliate and this conservative protester at one of those anti-Keynes Tea Party events tells me I'm just a piker. You see, this guy heard Obama promising the left some things, but Obama was secretly communicating that he was not going to do those things. Regular-American types like this Tea Bagger understood the secret code, and therefore voted Obama into office.

But Obama lied in code to our faces!

I can't find it online, but "Hell," I thought at the time, I says. "I never picked up semaphore, much less that Ancient Masonic Head-Jerk/Eye-Blink I heard they found out about in National Treasure 2 (I fell asleep)," I continues. "But this guy's some sort of grown-up mutant cryptographer wunderkind from Brainonia-9; I doubt his skills are very widespread."

RedState's Kevin Holtsberry tells me I generalizes in vain! At least he softens it by telling me I'm not alone:
[Republican Indiana Rep. Mike Pence] feels that many Americans voted for Obama and Blue Dog Democrats thinking that they wouldn’t do what they said. He, however, took them at their word that they were going to raise taxes and increase government, etc. At some point the voters are going to understand this.
Man, I hope so! The public is far too busy playing their five-dimensional chess game under water with the lights off! Show-offs!

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