Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Hero

Oh please please PLEASE, rightnuts, take up the Miss America contestant who lost as your new Joe the Plumber!
Miss Prejean’s greatest crime is not her looks, or her vestigial belief that a woman can be beautiful and feminine and still successful and proud.  Her greatest crime is answering a question honestly. 
Gateway Pundit's on board! Although his post is a bit confusing. He claims:
How sad.
It looks like the Far Left has even hijacked beauty pageants.
But also notes that:
If you listened to the video the crowd clearly cheered Miss California after her answer.
Oh, man, I love this. Stand by her, wingnuts! We're attacking her freedom! We're the PC monsters come to assimilate you and end free thought and freedom and your ability to procreate and attend church! Could anything be more anti-Christian than our attacks on beauty pageants!

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