Thursday, July 02, 2009

If Not For You Kids And Your Pesky Momentum!

The Next Right, a site I'm trying to respect as representing intelligent opposition, has a list of Top 20 things the Right should do. But this one seems a little ham-fisted:
16. Turn the Left’s apparent strengths (brand, power, media adoration, momentum) into weaknesses, a la Sun Tzu.
Well, okay, maybe, but those "strengths" you mention are the fact that everyone likes the Left better. That's not a strength, per se, it's a cumulative effect of other strengths. This is not the kind of strength you can turn around - although god knows the Right tried throughout the campaign. The Britney Spears ad, suggesting it's embarrassing and shallow that so many people actually like Obama, the suggestion that Obama's unAmerican because so many people come out to see him in Europe...all the way to now, where the Right continues to sneer like fucking Cartman at what they still call "The One."

Many of the ideas on this list seem thoughtful, but suggesting they just need to fix - er, turn around, "a la Sun Tzu" - the strength of everyone liking Obama is perhaps the wrong way to go about it.

And good luck with the last one:
20. More meme machine, less policy argument. (Emotion, images, stories & sticky sayings.)
Less policy!


  1. "More meme machine"?? I've read something along those lines recently. More like, "politics is all about smearing your enemies, not debating the issues."

    Hey, it got 'em into power before! Now if only they could figure out Act II.

  2. The 2008 election was a Mandate for Republicans to "more meme machine" themselves.