Friday, July 10, 2009

Oh, Noonan

Been a little light on the blogging of late, it being summer and warm and all, but damn if Noonan can't bring me back:
The best I can do right now is to issue a blanket condemnation of all those in our society who propagate lies - such as, for instance, the lie that racism still keeps a black person down.
A brave man, Mark Noonan.

Extra hilarious is the final paragraph of the post, which reads:
Keep this in mind - tell the truth, all the time and every where. About things great and small. Do your utmost to allow not the slightest untruth pass your lips or, worse, settle in your heart. We live in an Age of Lies and we are seeing the ever more terrible results they bring. Its time to bring a halt to this.
...and directly below this conclusion is this banner image:


Thanks for leading by example, Mark!

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