Monday, July 27, 2009

Very True

I wrote earlier today about Jonah Goldberg complaining that GI Joe wasn't going to be USA USA PATRIOTIC!!! enough for his taste, and joked that he probably liked True Lies, a fucking racist pile of shit.

And...along comes his co-NRO'er, Stephen Spruiell, holding that movie up like it's some kind of wingnut manifesto. Perhaps it's more important to them than Red Dawn?
Iron Man made strides in terms of Hollywood's ability, post True Lies, to depict Islamic jihadists as unambiguously bad guys and not would-be goatherders radicalized by Bush's refusal to sign Kyoto. But don't forget that the main bad guy in that movie was still a corporate fat cat. It's like they're trying really hard — but not quite getting there.

Picture 1.png
Above: Bad Guy

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