Monday, September 28, 2009

The First Place

I've been enjoying watching the wingnuts, who complained that it wasn't right to call what happened in Hondura a "military coup," face up to the fact that those in charge have started militarily controlling the media.

So here's Ace, doing logic gymnastics:
I'm sure there will be talk of how the interim government is now as bad as Zelaya. Well, no, not really. This is a tough step and one they have put off for a substantial period of time. While it's unfortunate, to say the least, we shouldn't forget Honduras wouldn't be in this position if Zelaya, abetted by Chavez in Venezuela and Lula in Brazil, hadn't put the country in this position in the first place.
It's Zelaya's fault that those who deposed him are not preventing free speech in the country they now control by guns.

"Yeah, there are millions displaced in Iraq, but our hands were tied - for the Iraqi peoples' freedom, we had to destroy their country!"

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