Friday, September 04, 2009


And with this, from Delaware Libertarian, we have the best take yet:
And, yes, you really are an idiot if....
... you plan to keep your children out of school or ask them to be removed from the class when President Obama speaks, like these idiots.

Three reasons you are an idiot:

1) If President Obama in thirty minutes or less can indoctrinate your children into whatever socialist values you think he's going to be selling, then as a parent attempting to build the character and values of your children you are not only an idiot but failure.

2) If you have so little respect for the Office of the President that you wish to convey to your children that they should not show respect to the President even when he belongs to a different political party, you are an idiot who is contributing to the disintegration of the American identity. [And if you use the they disrespected Bush argument you are not an idiot in this case but a less-on. A less-on is someone who, if they were twice as smart would be a moron.]

3) If you sincerely believe that President Obama's message is going to be anything other than work hard, get good grades, stay in school, and help other people, you probably gave up sounding out the words in this post two sentences ago.

Sorry: for as much as I disagree with many of President Obama's policies, he is the President of the United States. He is my President. I will argue against what I believe are his incorrect policy choices, but I will try damn hard not to disrespect the office. That's why, if you check back, you will find that I have been very careful to refer to him correctly in my posts.

There is a place for this kind of partisanship, but the school is not it. The man is trying to act like Presidents are supposed to act. He probably won't be perfect, but his speech is not going to harm your kids.

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Forgive the full post quote. All credit is to writer Steve Newton on this one.

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