Saturday, September 05, 2009


They are wholly and completely terrified:
Why did I say that this was a predictable and "ministerial" move, by Obama? Because, by definition, that is the way in which Marxists and fascists operate, i.e., by central, governmental control, through various ministries. If you have been following the development of the Obama administration, you are seeing numerous other endeavors for ministerial control. Through the cabinet and through the "czars," Barack Obama is attempting to impose this form of governmental tyranny upon America, in violation of the principles of the Declaration and the People's foundationally mandated design of our method of self-governance, proscribed by means of the Constitution.

Such an organized and pervasive assault upon America is literally and thoroughly, treason, whether it comes by trickle, or by flood and whether it is caught in its initial ploys, or further on in the burgeoning injury to the People, inflicted by this insurrection.

Please comment if you think the venue in which you now read should present or link to examinations and explications of just what are the treasons of Marxism, social Darwinism, fascism, anarcho-syndical socialism, progressivism, globalism, and transnational progressivism.
This refers to the "stay in school" speech.

Emphasis in the original.

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